It is time to believe and search for the new one when people feel tired with the old product or not please with purchased devices. It is not simple to discover and get the finest product that satisfies all individuals expectation. Active Air Blower System *DISCONTINUED* is supported with high-quality products, green environment and safety for the users. Unlike other brand, this product has actually accepted work great functionally. Many clients have been offering a favorable impression of it. Whatever your place condition, this product can fulfill customer need with an excellent design, designs and eco-friendly maintenance.


Product brand:Active Air

Original Price:$61.16/us

We don't promise any magic tricks -- the Active Air blower collection isn't magic at all. Instead, rely on proven technology and long-tested craftsmanship to keep air moving around your indoor grow room. With blower sizes available to suit the smallest area to entire mini greenhouses, you'll find one that helps you refresh your air, almost at the drop of a (black) hat. 60 CFM:4" intake flange. Great for small cold frames up to 20' x 96'. Exchanges air in a 100 cu. ft. room in less than 2 minutes. 95 CFM:4" intake flange. For medium inflation jobs and exhausting air outside. Exchanges air in a 200 cu. ft. room in 2 minutes. 180 CFM:4" intake flange. For large inflation jobs and exhausting air outside. Exchanges air in an 800 cu. ft. room in 4.5 minutes. 265 CFM:4" intake flange. For fan-powered air cooling on larger lights and jobs and air exhausting. Exchanges air in a 1200 cu. ft. room in 5 minutes 465 CFM:4" intake flange. For extra large air cooling jobs and air exhausting. Exchanges air in a 2200 cu. ft. room in 5 minutes. Assembly Instructions

Active Air Blower System *DISCONTINUED* is easy to upkeep and setup. In overall, this product looks excellent and has various models and design from the previous one, the finest product on the market. It has actually been upgrading with modern-day design. For the expense, it is pretty cost effective budget. It is a high-quality product at a sensible rate from trusted brand name in the world.
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