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Air Blower  Model 451

Product merchan:Ben Meadows

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Original Price:$714.99/us

Engine Type: Two-cycle, 2.1 HP Tank Capacity: 3 gal. Maximum Air Volume: 824 cfm Horizontal Spray Range: 38' This Solo Mist and Air Blower features recoil starter, electronic ignition system and durable polyethylene tank with sturdy plastic-coated tubular steel support frame. Back plate is padded and designed for operator comfort. Booster Pump (No. 200033) can be used to increase formula output and application range up to 10' horizontally or vertically. ULV Nozzle with Dosage Control (No. 200034), Double Nozzle (No. 200035) and ULV Dosage Control (No. 200037) are available for use with the Mist Blower.

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